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An Unforgettable Trip to Wuyi Mountain

An Unforgettable Trip to Wuyi Mountain

All work no play, makes Jake a dull boy. In late November, Makelocks sales team travelled to Wuyi Mountain to have a good rest from everyday busy work, which was also a good way for team work.

Wuyi Mountains is situated in the Wuyishan city, the northern part of Fujian Province. It is a place of interesting with a long history. In 1996 December, Fujian Wuyi Mountains was honored as "World Cultural and Natural Heritage" by the UN Organization of Science, Education and Culture. It is deserved to visit.

We started out on Friday, took about 4 hours' by train from Xiamen to Wuyi Mountains, and then started our two days' tour with expectation.

First stop---Tianyou Peak, located in the center of scenic region. Here air is fresh, mountain is precipitous, tree is green, and water is crystal clear. When there is a sea of clouds touring in the peak, it seems as if place oneself in wonderland, leading him to heaven. This is the origin of its name, Tianyou Peak, meaning someone has a tour to heaven.

We all climbed to the mountain top, even a three years old baby of our team, and had a picture there for memory.

An Unforgettable Trip to Wuyi Mountain
Second stop--- Jiuqu Stream, which is named for its shape running as a curve with nine bends and looks like a dragon around the mountains. We toured along the stream by bamboo raft. The boatman told us story about different views all along the way, and the most mysterious one is cliff coffins, which is a kind of burial in ancient China, with about 3800 years' history. But no one knows how it realizes today. 
Third stop---Tea Culture. Wuyi Mountain is also famous for Tea and with a strong sense of tea culture. In the hope of learning more about Tea, we went to visit Yucha Yuan, which is Emperors' tea tree garden in ancient ages. The four most widely known varieties of Wuyi tea are referred to as the Four Famous Bushes: Big Red Robe, Iron Arhat, White Cockscomb, and Golden Turtle. Lapsang souchong also originates from the area. After learning about Wuyi Tea, we went to taste different teas in one local family to making this tour with an enjoyable and happy ending. 

An Unforgettable Trip to Wuyi Mountain