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Makelocks Won in Mountain-climbing Competition
Posted: 12/28/2015 10:28:06  Hits: 494
In order to enrich workers' spare time activities, making them feel at home in Xiamen, Jimei Employees Union held a Mountain-climbing Competition in Yuewei Mountain. It is a team cooperative Mountain-climbing Competition. There are 5 members in a team. All team members reach the mountain top with the less time will be the winner.
On Dec.19th, 2015, about 200 members took part in this competition. Five members of our company participated in this climbing competition. They worked together and help each other to climb from bottom to mountain top with as less time as possible, and under their excellent team work and persistence, they won the second place. This good news excited everyone in Makelocks, and we were all proud of them.
Team work is everywhere in Makelocks, no matter we are in activities or in the production line. Our boss always says "we are families". This is the secret that about 80% employees work more than 5 years in Makelocks, and keep offering good service to customers. Believe Makelocks can be better and better in the future!

Makelocks Won in Mountain-climbing Competition