How about the Safety of the Tubular Lock?

How about the Safety of the Tubular Lock?

Tubular locks are one of the common locks in industrial and commercial locks. There are a large number of tubular locks widely used for intelligent terminals, electromechanical equipment, various cabinets, subway gates, vending machines, advertising boxes, refueling equipment, mailboxes, etc. In view of the wide range of applications of the tubular lock, people pay more attention to its safety. So how about the safety of the tubular lock? Can it provide us with effective security? Now, Make takes you to learn about tubular locks.

Cam Lock

Working principle of the tubular lock:

Both the lockhole and the key of the tubular lock are tubular, and a plurality of holes are radially distributed on the surface of the plug. Those holes correspond to the holes on the lock body and ensure the necessary concentricity. When the correct tubular key is inserted into the lock, it can push the pins in the lock into place and release the limit between the plug and the lock case, so that the plug can rotate relative to the lock case. And the plug drives the bolt to rotate, thus realizing unlocking. Conversely, when an incorrect key is inserted into the lock, the lock cannot be unlocked.

Although the working principle of tubular locks is relatively simple (Locking and unlocking is mainly controlled through the internal structure), their safety is not inferior to other locks, hence the relatively wide range of application. The tubular locks manufactured by Make cover cam locks, push locks, computer locks and vending machine locks, etc. They are not only of good safety, but also superior in configuration compared with locks of the same type in the industry.

(1) Tubular cam lock
The key of the tubular cam lock is of a tubular system structure so that it has good safety. At present, the tubular cam lock made by Make includes MK100B series, MK101B series and MK101AS series. These locks are made from zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel and other materials. And their surfaces, polished with special process such as bright chrome and bright nickel, are with metallic luster. Each series also contains a variety of specification. The cam action length can be customized and the anti-drilling steel balls can be configured according to customers' requirements, effectively preventing the lock from being damaged.
Tubular Cam Lock
(2) Tubular push lock
Tubular push locks are mostly used in wine cabinets, windows, display cabinets and other places where the door panel of the snap is needed to move. They are mainly locked by horizontal press and have the advantages of small volume and convenient use. The surface of the tubular push lock can be designed with anti-drilling steel balls. The pins can be made into two specification: 7 pins or 10 pins. The key bitting is over 10,000. Therefore, the safety of the tubular push lock is not inferior to other locks.
Tubular Push Lock
(3) Tubular vending machine lock
Vending machine lock is usually a kind of lock with tubular lock structure, such as American-style vending machine lock MK200, which is made from zinc alloy and equipped with tubular key system. It can be locked by pushing T handle, which is convenient, fast and safe. It occupies most markets of self-service terminals and can also be used as game machine lock, electromechanical equipment lock, advertising machine lock, ATM lock, etc.
Tubular Vending Machine Lock
(4) Tubular laptop lock
In addition to the above applications, the tubular lock structure can also be applied to computer lock, such as Make's laptop lock MK806, which is equipped with tubular key and tubular computer lock with simple operation and high safety factor. Besides notebook PC lock and desktop computer lock, it can also be used as camera lock, projector lock, etc.
Tubular Laptop Lock
The tubular locks manufactured by Make are of various types and cover a full range. Make has long-term cooperation with all major manufacturers of intelligent terminals, electromechanical equipment, cabinets, vending machines and other equipment. If you want more detailed information about tubular locks, please contact us or leave us a message in our website.