Metal Cabinet Lock Creates a Safe and Secure Office

Metal Cabinet Lock Creates a Safe and Secure Office

Office filing cabinets play an important role in our daily life. Office filing cabinets can be seen in government, schools, hospitals, large companies or small enterprises, etc. And metal filing cabinets are one of the cabinets used in the office. The metal filing cabinet has become one of the most commonly used office furniture because it is lighter than wooden cabinet and easier to move. And it boasts the advantage of fire prevention, moisture resistance, insect prevention, anti-corrosion, etc. According to the different uses of metal filing cabinets, the styles of metal cabinet locks are also different.
Metal Cabinet Lock

Common metal cabinet locks are mainly wafer locks, mechanical combination locks and electronic cipher locks. With the development of internet of things technology, intelligent and high-safety IoT locks will also be widely used in metal cabinets. Each type of lock has its own key technology and security. In other word, each has its own merits.

1. Wafer Locks
Wafer lock is one of the locks commonly used in metal filing cabinets. The wafer lock belongs to the traditional mechanical lock. It works by using the key combination with different widths on the key to resist and align the wafers in different positions in the plug, and thus the plug can rotate freely to open the lock. Wafer locks are generally simple in construction and do not have strong anti-theft performance. After years of R & D and production, Make has produced a new type of wafer lock with high safety, effectively preventing being technically opened.
Wafer Lock
2. Mechanical Combination Locks
The entirely mechanical combination lock has no electronic device, large key amounts and is safe and reliable. Since there is no need for power supply, mechanical combination locks are generally stable and durable. The four-digit combination lock is usually more common.
Mechanical Combination Lock
3. Electronic Cipher Locks
Electronic cipher locks are also commonly used in metal filing cabinets. The locks are widely used because of the advantages of easy operation and being able to modify passwords at will. The electronic cipher lock is mainly applied to some high-end metal filing cabinets (e.g. confidential filing cabinets). The lock has a strong anti-theft function. It can change the password at will for multiple people to use at the same time.
Electronic Cipher Lock
Electronic cipher lock MK733

4. Smart Locks
Compared with traditional locks, smart locks, with more advanced technologies, have higher safety and convenience and are more intelligent in terms of user identification, safety and management. Smart locks generally use non-mechanical keys containing mature technologies for user identification, such as fingerprints, magcards, radio frequency cards, TM cards. Apart from fingerprint locks, card swipe locks are convenient to carry, of high safety and of low price, and suitable for confidential filing cabinets.
Fingerprint Recognition Lock
Fingerprint recognition lock

In a word, as one of our daily office furniture, metal filing cabinets have different locks due to different uses. However, no matter which type of lock is used, its safety will be our main consideration!