How will IoT locks change your life

How will IoT locks change your life

Have you noticed that streaming videos, Tik Tok, gaming online are quite laggy lately? The wobble of 4G is partly because 5G is coming, and 2G and 3G are discarded by the telecommunications industry. The big jump in the number of 4G subscribers, the same old base stations, apps and websites getting bloated for "more powerful functions",  none of these are helpful to increasing mobile network speed.


Aside from the internet and "big data", data is also the core of the development of IoT. -- From the technical level, artificial intelligence and machine learning have high requirements for data; From use cases, self-service devices, smart terminals, smart homes, automatic driving, intelligent manufacturing, etc., require more mature technology. As the core of data collection and connectivity, IoT will play the most fundamental and pivotal role in the development of industries.


Although the practical application of the IoT is still in its infancy, its huge market and unlimited opportunities are unquestionable. It can be said that the development of the technology industry is closely related to the IoT, which provides basic and data support to the companies, participants whose achievements will eventually complement its own development as well. Take, as an example, China, which has become a major player in the IoT industry based on its large population base and low chip manufacturing costs.


As the rapid development of the IoT, streets, residential areas, cities are dotted with multifunctional electromagnetic locks that provide users a fast, convenient and comfortable experience. Among which, model MK760-001 developed and produced by MAKE for package lockers also ushers in a time of opportunity. This lock has a system for information transmission, an even higher level in security, and is able to control thousands of locker doors simultaneously.


The series of MAKE electromagnetic locks are iterated according to the basic necessities and lifestyles of communities, under the goal of solving existed problems about package lockers and a lock revolution in the IoT era.

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