Interchangeable Core Cylinder MK911

Interchangeable Core Cylinder MK911

Designed with security and convenience, there are more and more core cylinder MK911 entering our daily lives. 
As a matter of fact, our business of the core cylinder MK911 performs well in the US market and the EU market.

Features of MK911 preferred by users are listed below
1. Anti-rust brass-durable material
2. Top security key system with 100,000 key combination
3. Humanized key type: master key, change key 
4. Interchangeable core cylinders to reduce the cost 

Among these features, the key type is the core reason for customers choosing this interchangeable core cylinder-MK911. Let's have a detailed introduction to this key.
Master key
With the strong research and development capability, Make Locks offers our customers 3000 master keys with different combinations. Meanwhile, every master key can administrate 3000 user keys. In this way, this interchangeable core cylinder is very suitable for public places such as hospitals, office buildings, rental properties, etc. Besides, the core cylinder can become the master key for your homes and offices because all the locks used for these places can be opened with one master key, which is absolutely convenient for the key management.

Change key
A common security concern is the personnel change bringing potential security problems to companies since the employer can get the key back from the leaving employee, and yet they can not ensure these employees leaving without any spare keys. However, with the change key, the problem can be solved because it is easy to change the core cylinder by inserting the key and pulling out the cylinder. The function is very useful for the work places which have high demands for changing core frequently.

In order to insert the interchangeable core into the lock housing in a correct way, it is necessary to check and adjust the prolong inside the housing to make it placed in the horizontal position. 

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