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Jinyu Xie from Make Locks is awarded  2017 Fujian Province May 1st Labor Medal
Posted: 05/20/2017 01:55:23  Hits: 70
Let's express warm congratulations on Jinyu Xie, senior salesman, from sales department of Xiamen Make Locks Manufacturer Co., Limited., who is awarded 2017 Fujian Province May 1st Labor Medal after he had won 2016 City May 1st Labor Medal.

In late April, Xiamen Daily reported the winners of 2017 Fujian Province May 1st Labor Medal, including Jinyu Xie from Xiamen Make Locks Manufacturer Co., Limited. As the proverb goes: each and every profession produces its top experts. Jinyu Xie who has been working in lock industry for more than ten years always sticks to his ordinary post. He is always trying to be more professional and insightful with his in-depth thinking and summary for lock industry.
Moreover, he uses his own special and keen insight to combine the trends and development of lock industry with lock market status, bringing related information to R&D of the patented products. One of these patented products is even certificated by the Ministry of Public Security of China as C-level(the highest) product. With this patented lock, the degree of security is raised up to a brand-new high level. Besides, Jinyu Xie also took part in the process of setting lock industry standard. This standard is so critical that it fills up the blank of lock industry standard. All the work he has done does perfectly match the wishes of Make Lock: becoming the pioneer of security enterprises.

As an outstanding model of 2017; Fujian Province May 1st Labor Medal winners, Jinyu Xie works with cautious, conscientious and excelsior working spirits, which are worth learning for everyone from Make Lock. We believe our stuffs will become the shining stars once they concentrate on their work. Under great influences of stuff like Jinyu Xie, as Make Lock develops, we will certainly fulfill our vision and will lead the lock industry to make progress in a healthy & orderly way in the near future.