Let Make Locks Lock You

Let Make Locks Lock You

The slogan of MAKE goes: "Reliable Locks, Optimal Choice". MAKE is an optimal choice for employees. Time flies and 13 years has passed by. The number of MAKE's team never declines. Up to now, there are more than 500 employees hired by MAKE.

Several days ago, we held a grand ceremony for the employees who have been working in MAKE for 5 years. Xiamen Newspaper and the local media came to MAKE to witness the historic moment. The Employees who have been working in MAKE for 5 years will receive a meaningful gift, that is, a gold ring. The gold ring means that MAKE is willing to grow  and work hand in hand with the employees.

Furthermore, MAKE does many other things for MAKE's employees in the daily life.

Creating Benefits for Employees  
Since the new semester is around the corner, the tuition fee is a large amount of money for salariats. One of our staff named WEI told us her situation, the management of MAKE thoughtfully decided to establish a special "Education Fund" to support the staff's re-education, the staff's children's education and the staff's insurance. If the employee's child is admitted to the key university, the employee will receive the extra allowance 8,000 RMB in cash. 

The foundation has solved the workers' education and insurance problems. Obviously, MAKE always cares about our employees' families and strives for employees' benefits.

Improving Living Conditions for Employees
With the aim of employees being happy, customers being satisfied, Make takes care of employees' living and after-work activities. Therefore, MAKE offers the employees entertainment places, like gyms, reading rooms, coffee bars and basketball courts. Meanwhile, MAKE also organizes regular activities for employees, such as the tug-of-war, running, the basketball game, the badminton game, etc. Moreover, MAKE invested 2 million RMB to build a new gym in the staff dorm, so that the employees are convenient to do more exercise. All of these make MAKE's staff feel like being at home. MAKE was awarded "Home for Workers" by Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions three years in a row. 

Enhancing Bonds
Just like the celebration of 5th anniversary, every worker in MAKE will receive different gifts for different celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, Chinese traditional festivals, etc. In this way, MAKE has a bond with the employees and MAKE becomes their second home.

Though time goes by,  the employees still work for MAKE. MAKE will be stronger with our strong teams. Let Make Locks lock you.