Main Trends on Market of Hardware Locks

Main Trends on Market of Hardware Locks

With high development of pillar industry such as residence, automobile, high-end office building and hotel and the demands of systems including national defense, public security and finance increasing gradually, the prospect of high-end lock market is optimistic. Experts introduce that the consumer market of locks is still lack of biological recognition technology, electronic technology and other high technologies, however, demands for those high technologies is annually growing. 

Lock manufacturers are developing IC card electronic locks, electronic coded lock, encryption magnetic card locks, building interphone anti-theft systems, valve locks and fingerprint lock in succession. High-end locks have high technical content and show more humanities and personalities. So, the profit of those products is also higher. 

At present, there are four main trends on market of hardware locks:
1. Style design should combines with culture and personalities. There are various styles and categories of hardware locks on the market while only a few designs use different cultural connotations as design concept from beginning. Therefore, the first trend is that carry out new design on functions of locks to meet families’ demands. Pay more attention to user experience and personalities of products.

2. Intelligent locks rise. Nowadays, intelligent locks having higher technical content, including coded locks, IC card locks, finger locks have their own convenience and gradually maturing technologies and finger locks adopting biological recognition technology have the features of fingers including uniqueness, unduplicatedness, portability, unforgettability and non-lost. So, they have wider market prospect. Locks manufacturers are always in pursuit of development and innovation on the products.

3. Hardware manufacturers pay more attentions to details of products, perfecting quality of products. Reflect consuming taste and the understanding to product connotation from details. Focus on technologies and quality certification, integrating products standards with international standards. Consumers attach importance to these.

4. Enterprise should highly focus on quality and brands. Connotation of truly good brand is crystal of quality, durability and constant development. Quality is life of enterprise. Pay attention to innovation and patent application, improving core competitiveness. The protection for intellectual property also should be gradually normative. 

Enterprises should know market timely. Besides quality and innovation, lock manufacturing enterprises also should try efforts to marketing strategy so that they can win the market. For good enterprise strategies, efforts are necessary. Complete nature marketing. Knowing market demands should be combined with own features. Use own features to create demands and attract consumers.  On the other hand, meet consumers' demands for nature in all directions. In other words, enterprise should develop nature, colorful and more alternative products, excavating, leading, creating and meeting market demands by using uncommon marketing with rich force, meeting the personalized consuming demands for seeking of innovation, difference and change.

Enterprises must use marketing methods different from competitors, intentionally leading market and consumer groups to develop into directions advantageous for themselves, gradually exceeding competitors. Make them more special. Use a kind of marketing concept to exploit, occupy and hold market at last. After knowing consumers' demands, meet demands to the limits. In nature marketing, consumers are self-centered for choosing products. When current products cannot meet consumers' demands, they can put forward detailed requirements to enterprises. With king products, market competitiveness of enterprises are enhanced virtually.
Main Trends on Market of Hardware Locks