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Make cabinet lock, locker lock-Let you rest assured to see a doctor
Posted: 04/27/2020 11:00:04  Hits: 68
With the increase in public demand and the improvement of hospital service levels, convenient and intimate storage cabinets have gradually become one of the necessary equipment for major hospitals. On the one hand, the locker can be used to store personal belongings of hospital staff (especially when they have an operation, electronic items are not allowed to carry with into the operating room ), which provides a guarantee for the safety of their personal belongings. On the other hand, when patients carry things to the hospital for treatment, the locker can provide a place for the hospital patients to put things into, which is convenient for the patients and also ensures the cleanliness and neatness of the hospital. For the majority of hospitals, choosing the right locker and locker lock can not only ensure the safety of item storage, but also enhance the hospital's personalized service and comprehensive competitiveness.

Make cabinet lock, locker lock-Let you rest assured to see a doctor
Hospital storage cabinet

Since the locker in the hospital is an important tool for protecting the safety of our personal belongings, the locks used for the locker must not be easily overlooked. At present, the locks used in most lockers on the market are mainly the following. The first is the traditional mechanical lock, which is the most used lock in lockers, such as cam lock, push lock; The second type is a mechanical combination lock, the more common four-in-one combination lock. The third type is smart locks, including electronic locks, fingerprint locks, and induction locks, which are generally more common in some high-end locations. These locks vary from construction, key technology to security level, and their advantages and disadvantages are also different. Today, Make will take you to learn about a kind of smart RFID lock, which is safe, reliable, and easy to operate.

Make cabinet lock, locker lock-Let you rest assured to see a doctor
MK726 by Make

The locker lock MK726 produced by Xiamen Make Security is an electronic RFID induction lock that is suitable for hospitals and can provide users with storage services. This lock is made of zinc alloy and ABS material. The unique notch design and material selection enhance the use and feel of the lock. It is very user-friendly. Even in places like hospital where the locker is used more frequently,  it will not easily wear out and has a long service life. MK726 is equipped with 3 levels of wristband key for induction unlocking, which is not only convenient for users to carry, but also can effectively prevent key damage and key loss. At the same time, the beeper is combined with the red and green LED indicators, making for simple, easy operation, and quick installation. Moreover, the color of the lock can be customized according to the color of the cabinet. In addition, the MK726 is also equipped with an emergency power supply interface. When the electronic lock cannot be opened due to no power, the user can use the emergency power supply for emergency charging.

Make cabinet lock, locker lock-Let you rest assured to see a doctor
Application of MK726 in the gym locker

In addition to being used in hospital storage cabinets, MK726 can also be used in storage cabinets in schools, factories, offices, swimming pools, train stations and other public places as well as special high temperature and humid environments such as saunas and swimming pools to provide everyone with safe and convenient storage services.

Although the epidemic has eased at home, safety monitoring and controlling cannot be relaxed at all times. Make reminds everyone that in addition to the daily cleaning and disinfection of the lockers in the hospital, we must also pay attention to personal protection when going to the hospital. When we need to use the lockers, we must pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the locks to avoid cross infection!