MAKE Cam Lock Makes the Card Dispenser Safer

MAKE Cam Lock Makes the Card Dispenser Safer

Nowadays, various intellectualized card dispensers can be seen everywhere, and they are nothing new in life. Because the card dispenser has the advantages of portability, flexibility, quickness and full-time service, it can be "stationed" in areas with huge market potential and potential customers, which greatly reduces the huge investment of traditional promotion on the spot in manpower and material resources.

Though the vending machine for dispensing cards has very high service efficiency and provides a humanized, technological and diversified experience for everyone, the unattended and automatic form present many problems. Taking cam locks for the card dispenser as an example, most of the cam locks have some shortcomings, such as poor safety, a poor anti-theft function, inconvenient management and maintenance, greatly reducing the practicability of the vending machine for dispensing cards.

The Kiosk

Sun Tzu said that if you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss. In order to better solve the application problem of the cam lock in the field of the card dispenser, MAKE specially lists some of the main functional requirements of the current market for the card dispenser.

1. Safety requirements: The card dispenser is located in a public area and is used frequently so that it requires a lock with high safety.

2. Convenient management: It is often impossible to have only one card dispenser in a place, and the worker often needs to count the money inside or maintain and manage the internal equipment in time. Therefore, the locks used for the card dispenser should be equipped with a master key for the convenience of the worker.

3. Special requirements: If the card dispenser is located outdoors, it will be exposed to the weather. Thus, it is necessary for the lock to have certain moisture and corrosion resistance.

By summarizing the above requirements, it is not difficult to find that the card dispenser lock should have high safety, a universal management system, moisture and corrosion resistance, etc.

MK101BS is a small tubular cam lock, which is the classic style of MAKE small cam lock. Its lock body and key are small, and there are many cams to choose from. MK101BS is made from zinc alloy, and its surface has been treated with bright chrome, bright nickel and other professional processes, so it can keep good performance even in the moist air outside.
MK101BS tubular cam lock is equipped with the tubular key system; the bit of the key can reach more than 10,000; 4 or 7 pins can be made, which greatly improves the safety of the lock. Besides, MK101BS series tubular cam locks are equipped with a master key, which means the doors of many machines can only need to be unlocked with one key and the worker doesn't have to take lots of keys, which is convenient for the management and maintenance of the machine. In addition, MK101BS tubular cam lock is cost-effective, versatile, and easy to install.

In the era of Internet of Everything, many industries are developing all kinds of automatic and unattended equipment. Card dispensers have been widely used in life and even gradually replaced counters. On the card dispenser, many transactions take place every day. Therefore, it is extremely significant for the card dispenser to have the safe and stable operation. Come and choose a cam lock with high safety to make your card dispenser safer. If you need more information or have any questions about the card dispenser cam lock, please feel free to contact us.