How to Secure Ticketing Kiosks with MAKE Tubular Locks?

How to Secure Ticketing Kiosks with MAKE Tubular Locks?
Nowadays, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the appearance of self-service ticketing kiosks has brought great convenience to people's lives. The ID card replaces the paper ticket, which means passengers only need to swipe an identification card at the self-service counters when entering the station and checking in. When you go to the movies, you only need to use the special ticket machine to pick up the ticket that were purchased online. The convenience brought by ticketing kiosks permeates all aspects of life, bringing more efficient and convenient modern life.

As everyone knows, a lot of equipment can't be separate from the lock, a safety device, so is the self-service ticketing kiosk, which needs safety protection, whether in busy stations or cinemas in downtown areas. With the help of MAKE tubular lock, the safety of the ticketing kiosk can be improved.

The Ticketing Kiosk

How to secure the automated self-service ticketing kiosk? MAKE will tell you about it.

When it comes to tubular locks, some are familiar with them, while some look blank. In fact, the tubular lock is a very common industrial lock in life. A tubular lock is a kind of pin tumbler lock. The plug has a slot known as the keyway at one end to allow the key to enter the plug; the other end has a lever. The protruding part of the groove is to prevent the key pins from falling, and also to improve the safety factor of the lock. Five small holes are drilled vertically into the plug. These holes contain key pins of various lengths, which are rounded to permit the key to slide over them easily.

Because the tubular lock has a large number of key bits, it can prevent technical opening and damage, and its safety is better than other common locks. Thus, it has a high cost performance when used as a ticket machine lock.

MAKE tubular lock has the following advantages.

It has a high degree of safety. MAKE tubular locks can match with tens of thousands of keys. And each tubular lock has numerous key bits. The pins can be made into two specification: seven or ten copper pins. Therefore, the safety of the lock is guaranteed. Anti-drilling steel balls can be designed for the tubular lock according to customer requirements to enhance the safety of the lock.

The tubular lock is easy to manage. It is matched with a master key and management system. When workers manage and maintain equipment, they only need to carry one key with them, and they can manage many devices, which is extremely convenient.

MAKE double-ring tubular cam lock M2-LOCK is one of the patented locks (patent number: ZL 2016 2 1016202.6). M2-LOCK is equipped with double-ring tubular key system so that it is safer than other tubular locks. M2 is one of the common industrial locks with many key bits, compact design, simple installation, high cost performance and a wide application range.
The wide application of self-service ticketing kiosks has brought everyone a convenient and intelligent life. People no longer need to spend a long time waiting in line to buy tickets. Meanwhile, attention should be paid to the safety of the ticket machine in time. MAKE tubular lock can effectively protect the safety of the ticket machine and keep the machine away from the risk of being damaged or stolen. If interested, please visit the website to learn more about ticket machine locks!