Which Lock is Safer, the RFID Cam Lock or the Mechanical One?

Which Lock is Safer, the RFID Cam Lock or the Mechanical One?

Nowadays, smart electronic locks are widely used in our life. They are used for the lockers in homes, offices and even some public places. As a kind of smart electronic lock, RFID cam locks are also widely used in some places. However, do you know some safety knowledge about the RFID cam lock? What is an RFID cam lock? Is the RFID card easy to be copied? What are the advantages of the RFID cam lock? Is this cam lock safer than the mechanical one? Don't ignore those questions, and perhaps the safety knowledge of the RFID cam lock is very helpful for you.

RFID Cam Locks

Q: What is an RFID cam lock?

A: The RFID cam lock is an intelligent induction electronic lock. With the RFID technology, the RFID card can identify the target through radio-frequency signals and complete data interaction, thus unlocking the lock. The RFID card is powered by induced currents generated by internal antennas and sends information to the card reader to complete data interaction.

Q: Why are most lockers in public places equipped with electronic cam locks?

A: The electronic cam lock used as locker locks in public places has the following advantages.

(1) It is easy to record and track the use of the locker. RFID cam locks can record the use of the locker at any time and be associated with existing information systems, which is convenient for data queries and traces of the use of lockers.

(2) The key is not easy to lose. RFID cam locks are mostly unlocked by swipe cards, RFID wristbands or keycards, which replace mechanical keys, solving the problem that keys are easy to lose.

(3) More convenient management: MAKE RFID cam lock is equipped with three levels of key systems for user administration: the main admin card, the admin card and the user card. With the multi-level key system, employees can manage lockers easily and quickly.

Q: Is the RFID cam lock safer than the mechanical cam lock?

A: Yes. For one thing, it is difficult for users to unlock lockers without authorization; for another, the RFID cam lock is structurally safer and can be prevented from being technically opened. Therefore, the RFID cam lock is safer than the mechanical cam lock.
The RFID Cam Lock
However, the RFID cam lock is not absolutely safe. RFID cards can be copied only by close contact with the cards, while mechanical keys should be copied after getting the keys. Once the RFID card is copied, it is easy to cause great losses.

In a nutshell, whether it is an electronic cam lock or a mechanical cam lock, each has its own merits in safety and use. No matter what kind of locks, heavy reliance on the security provided by locks should be avoided. You should always be vigilant; raise safety awareness; learn more about the knowledge of locks, so as to effectively guard against theft.