MAKE Subway Gate Lock—Make Subway Run More Safely and Efficiently

MAKE Subway Gate Lock—Make Subway Run More Safely and Efficiently
For the majority of office workers, the subway gate is a gateway that must be passed every day. There are thousands of traffic flows every day especially in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, so the workload of subway gates is very large. Although most people get in close contact with it every day, do people really know it? How does it maintain stable operation and what kind of subway gate lock is used?

Subway Gate

In fact, the stable operation of subway gates can not be separated from the support of communication equipment and powerful & reliable storage. These devices are generally installed in subway gates to support their safe, stable and efficient operation. The subway gate lock is an important tool to ensure the safe operation of the gate.

With carefully observation when you take the subway, you will find that a special lock is used at the subway gate. This kind of lock is a cylinder lock. Cylindrical lock, named after its appearance and shape, is a common industrial lock, which is widely used in subway gates, industrial cabinets, power distribution cabinets and so on.

MAKE Subway Gate Lock

MAKE provides various types of subway gate locks, which can be widely used in subway gates to ensure the safe and stable operation of subway gate equipment.

Triangle lock
This kind of lock is a common industrial lock on subway brake. Triangle lock is usually made from zinc alloy or stainless steel, with bright chrome surface and beautiful appearance. Triangle lock has the characteristics of stability, firmness, pressure resistance, etc. It is not easy to deform during unlocking. Compared with other locks, it is very durable, more stable and convenient to manage. In addition, the special structure also makes the triangle lock not easy to be stolen and pried, which effectively guarantees the safety of subway gate equipment. Triangular locks manufactured by MAKE Security Technology have been technically improved according to the new demands of customers, with various types and high safety.

Triangle lockHexagonal lock 

Hexagonal lock
Hexagonal lock is also a lock that can be used for subway gates. MAKE inner hexagon lock MK412-1, made from muddy zinc alloy, is equipped with inner hexagon key. The lock hole and keyhole are unique and cannot be easily opened, and the safety factor is high. It is convenient and quick to use the key to lock the device by turning 90 degrees to the left.

Of course, the advantages of triangle locks and inner hexagon locks are far more than the above that mentioned. They are so convenient to manage that only needs a key can one manages multiple subway gate devices, which provides convenience for staff conducting maintenance and management. In addition, keys of these two locks are made from high-strength and high-quality zinc alloy, which is resistant to strength, light torque and wear. Even if used frequently for a long time, it will not affect the normal application of subway gates.