Make will Meet You Again on the 128th Cloud Canton Fair

Make will Meet You Again on the 128th Cloud Canton Fair

On October 15th, the 128th China Import and Export Fair, or the Canton Fair, will be held online.

Canton Fair, Global Share

The Canton Fair will continue to use a livestreaming platform, changing from face-to-face communication to screen-to-screen communication. And the functions of the online platform will be further enriched by setting up columns such as Exhibitors and Exhibits, Trade Matchmaking, Virtual Exhibition Halls, Exhibitors' Live Streaming, News and Events, Services, Cross-border E-commerce, integrating the all-weather online exhibition, promotion, trade matchmaking, online negotiation and other functions.

As a long-term participant of Canton Fair, facing the new platform, new marketing, new services and new opportunities, Make is actively preparing for it, striving to bring new surprises to friends at home and abroad.

Canton Fair Online

Make's live streaming room makes full use of advanced information technology to provide online promotion, trade matchmaking, online negotiation and other services for customers. And professional and considerate anchors will explain the company's products online in both Chinese and English, providing professional and high-quality consulting services.
The Company
In the selection of exhibits, Make will take a variety of fine locks to the Canton Fair and show its brand power (high safety, excellent quality and advanced technology) to consumers with considerate service.
Fine Locks
"Canton Fair, Global Share." We sincerely invite you to come together with us again on the cloud Canton Fair to experience the feast of the integration of technology and the internet!
The method of watching live broadcast is as follows:

Entrance to the online exhibition:

About Make

The Company

Founded in 2005, Xiamen Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. is located in shenqing industrial zone of Xiamen city, with a construction area of about 30,000 square meters and more than 600 employees. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a national intellectual property advantage unit.
Make is mainly committed to the R & D, production, manufacturing and marketing services of intelligent electronic locks, cam locks, push locks, locomotive locks, heavy padlocks, computer locks, mechanical combination locks, fingerprint locks, various door lock cylinders and precise hardware fittings. Its products are widely used in the fields of rail transit, communication cabinets, mechanical equipment, financial terminals, self-service terminals and smart homes. Make is currently one of China's professional provider of comprehensive service of high-end industrial and commercial locks.