Pick the most reassuring lock for your vending machine

Pick the most reassuring lock for your vending machine
After the first self-service store opened in Hangzhou, people are full of expectations for this brand new commercial retail mode. And it is believed that chashierless stores will be the trend of the times along with denser network coverage.

First, let's take a look at the vending machine industry that has been popular for decades. Ever since their inception, vending machines have swept across almost every public place with a rampant momentum, covering all kinds of commodities from cheap trinkets to luxuries, such as snacks, beverages, fast food, cosmetics, etc. However, as a portal connecting the inside and outside world, vending machines are not only a passage for loading and offloading goods, but also a shield against theft. No matter what is sold in, troubles will not knock on a vending machine as long as it is equipped with a good lock.

MK213 is a simple and elegant lock for Japanese vending machines whose front is smooth as a mirror and looks natty at a glance. It can be equipped with different structure of lock cylinder according to the customer's requirements for safety level, including tubular pin structure, double-sided structure, etc.


MK200 for American vending machine looks novel and chic, with distinct edges and corners, special matte surface treatment, and no reflection. There are traditional T-shaped handles, solid ones and those with anti-drilling steel rods, matching with lock nuts, common nuts, etc., of which the lock nuts have elastic tripe thread that helps you lock with only one click, which is convenient, safe, and quick.


MAKE's new vending machine lock MK211 is secure, beautiful and practical, equipped with a solid T-shaped handle, anti-drill steel rods, not protruding, and perfectly fits your door panel.


Established in 2005, Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. has great advantages in independent research and development, manufacturing and service of vending machine locks. MAKE is striving for meetings various needs of customers from multiple dimensions like ODM, OEM, JDM. It is worth mentioning that providing one-stop security solutions and product customization has always been a forte of MAKE.