The Development Prospect of Intelligent Door Lock

The Development Prospect of Intelligent Door Lock

Currently, the total output value of lock industry in China is above 60 billion RMB, among that, the total output value of intelligent door lock industry is about 60 billion RMB. Traditional mechanical lock still occupies most of market shares. Intelligent door lock has not entered into families completely. The main market demands are located at finance, military police, commercial office and high-grade residence. For common consumers, their awareness for intelligent lock is still low, in a stage of adaptation. Compared with intelligent lock on civilian market in Japan, North Korea and the Western, market share of intelligent lock in China is only 2% while market share in Japan and North Korea is more than 70%. 90% of apartments in Korea use intelligent lock, and the market share in the Western is 50%. It is predicted that the next few years will be rapid period that market share of intelligent lock in China grows.

Intelligent door lock is a comprehensive product, combining electronic technique, IC design (integrated circuit design) and large numbers of electronic components with various innovative recognition techniques (including computer networking technology, embedded software card, network alarm and mechanical design of lock).

K-net one card is the application of RFID and intelligent card technology, an important key of internet of things. K-net one card started from 1990’s and developed in recent years. Large monopoly enterprises do not exist in this industry and it is an emerging industry having higher marketization. K-net one card refers to that users can use an authorized intelligent card at different sites in a specified range at the same time. It can combine access control system, purchasing, parking system, attendance and night watchman. Those activities are recorded by card readers and computers in time, preparing for checking and realizing automated management. When adopting K-net one card, scientific unified management can be realized, which not only can reduce amount of manpower, sparing hand labor of managers and reducing human errors, but also highly improve scientificity and advancement of property management. Particularly for residents in high-end residential areas, intelligent card not only enhances security of residences, but also reflect modernization in community.

K-net one card is coded lock with chip on owner card, parking card, transportation card, identification card and 3G SIM, set as coded lock of electronic lock. It can be set with main or assistant combination lock and can be added or deleted optionally, convenient for utilization, combining access control, parking, consumption, office and residence without key any more.

In general, in the traditional smart card industry such as access control, attendance, meal card and bus card, there are amount of enterprises engaging in. The competition on market is quite furious. While in new smart card industry having multi-functions, high intelligence and technical content (such as RF-SIM), deserving enterprises having stronger research design ability and total solution mainly concentrate. The competition is relatively assuasive. With RF-SIM developing (telecom operators as main driving force), competition in RF-SIM will become the key about industry status of enterprises in the future.

According to analysis report, all of traditional anti-theft mechanical locks adopt mechanical combination. Although the forms of key are different, when insert the key into lock, sprocket hole forms convex-concave coordination with marbles. If combination is consistent, the lock is opened smoothly. However, the orders of combination between key and marbles are not unlimited. That is the reason that upstairs key can open downstairs door. The largest feature of intelligent lock is intelligence, which breaks away from the limitation of traditional mechanical locks. Fingers, card, codes and remote control can be used to open or close door lock, having higher security and more advantages.

In biometric identification technology, fingerprint identification is the oldest and most reliable identification method supported by long-term practice. Especially living fingerprint acquisition and finger identification algorithm, the two core technologies are highly developed in recent years. The former is use to figure out fingerprint acquisition and the later is used to figure out reliable recognition, especially reliable recognition in deformation state. Various products implanted with core technologies in application are also test, approaching mature basically. Strip sliding semiconductor used in living fingerprint acquisition has outstanding performance on anti-static, no fingerprint residue, durability, low power consumption, cost and volume. In most of applications, strip sliding semiconductor is expected to take place of facet pressing semiconductor fingerprint acquisition chip. So, compared with the same categories of products, finger identification has the highest cost performance, more suitable in daily life and ensures the security of life and property to a large extent.
The Development Prospect of Intelligent Door Lock