The Requirements for Motorcycle Side Box Locks

The Requirements for Motorcycle Side Box Locks

The motorcycle, as a means of transportation, has many advantages, such as light weight, low fuel consumption and convenient parking. More and more people use the motorcycle as their means of transport in their daily life. As an attachment on motorcycles, the motorcycle side box is also popular with users because it is convenient to store and take out their belongings.

The Motorcycle Side Box

The cam lock is one of the locks commonly used for the motorcycle side box. There are many kinds of cam locks, including wafer locks, tubular locks, pin tumbler locks. What kind of cam lock should be used for the motorcycle side box? How to select the cam lock? The requirements for motorcycle side box locks are as follows.

1. Safety and quality

No matter what kind of lock it is and where it is used, the safety and quality of the lock are important that we can't ignore. The motorcycle is used as daily transport, so special attention should be paid to the safety and quality of the motorcycle side box. For one thing, the side box should have a high degree of safety to prevent property theft; for another, the lock used for the side box should have compact structure, good quality, waterproof performance and the better application effect.

2. The waterproof and damp-proof quality

As daily transport, motorcycles are often exposed to the weather and so does the motorcycle side box lock. Therefore, when installing locks for motorcycle side boxes, pick cam locks that are waterproof, moisture-proof, and resistant to high and low temperature.

3. The management system

As everyone knows, keys cause trouble to people's lives. People are afraid of losing the small key in the pocket, and it's too much trouble to hold it in hand. The loss of the key will not only bring inconvenience to unlocking, but bring certain potential safety hazards. Therefore, as a side box lock to protect the safety of motorcycles, it should not only be safe and reliable, but also have a management system to open the side box smoothly with spare keys when the key is lost.
The Tubular Cam Lock
The tubular cam lock MK100B series products can be specially used for the motorcycle side box to protect its safety and create a good user experience. MK100B series are made from zinc alloy, copper, iron and stainless steel. The surface of the lock has been treated with bright chromium, bright nickel and other special processes, making the surface shiny, fine and smooth, and quite beautiful. Anti-drilling steel balls can be designed for MK100B series according to customer requirements to more effectively prevent the locks from being damaged. Besides, these tubular cam locks have a universal system, and different types of the locks can be opened by a master key. In addition, the pins can be made into two specification: seven or ten pins, and the key bit is more than 10,000, and the configuration is in a higher level than that of the same type locks in the industry.

MK100B series are divided into seven specifications according to the different action lengths of the locks: MK100BXS, MK100BS, MK100BM, MK10BL, MK100BXL, MK100XXL, MK100BXXXL. And the action length of the cam can be customized. If you want to get more detailed information about motorcycle side box lock MK100B series products, please leave us a message in the website.