The Safety Solution for Rubbish Bins—Just a Lock is Needed

The Safety Solution for Rubbish Bins—Just a Lock is Needed

Rubbish bins are essential infrastructure in business districts, scenic spots, communities, parks and other places. The dustbin will be emptied of garbage regularly by the dustman to keep the environment clean and tidy. However, the service life of rubbish bins are directly affected by long-term use and exposure to the weather. It is particularly important to use rubbish bin locks to prevent the bins from being damaged and all the contents from being strewed by a bad person.

Rubbish Bin Locks

During long-term frequent use of the rubbish bin, the bin having a low level of safety will easily cause the junkman to pick up the garbage in the bin, and bring about the theft of the inner container, which will not only affect the cleanliness of the environment, but also easily cause property damage. If the lock is not waterproof, the lock cylinder is prone to be eroded due to the humid outdoor environment. As a result, the rubbish bin can't be locked or unlocked, thereby affecting the clearance of garbage.

To ensure the safety of rubbish bins and improve the efficiency of cleaning up waste, the key lies in the safety and durability of rubbish bin locks. The triangle key lock is a good choice to improve the safety of the bins and the efficiency of clearing the rubbish.

Triangle Key Locks

The triangle key lock, usually made from zinc alloy or stainless steel, has bright chrome surface and beautiful appearance. This lock features stability, pressure resistance, etc. so that it is not easy to deform during unlocking. Compared with other locks, the triangle key lock is more stable, durable and convenient to manage. In addition, the special structure of the lock makes it not easy to be stolen or picked, which effectively guarantees the safety of the bin. Triangle key locks manufactured by Make Security Technology Co. Ltd. have been technically improved according to the new demands of customers. These locks boast various types and high safety.

MAKE triangle key lock MK406 is made from stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, effectively avoiding the risk of rusting by virtue of dampness. Therefore, users don't have to worry about wear and damage of the lock. And lock maintenance is easy. At the same time, the stainless steel lock can harmonize with any dustbins, and its metallic texture gives people visual enjoyment. Thus, this lock will not appear incongruous on any type of rubbish bins.
The Triangle Key Lock
In addition, MK406 adopts a dust cap design, which makes this triangle key lock waterproof and dust-proof. The key uses high strength and high-quality zinc alloy, which is resistant to strength and wear, and has small torque. Even if the key is used frequently for a long time, the normal use of the bin will not be affected.

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