MAKE Induction Electronic Lock—Damp-proof and Safer

MAKE Induction Electronic Lock—Damp-proof and Safer

With the continuous improvement of living standards and the pursuit of fine living by the public, various gymnasiums, swimming pools, spas and other places have mushroomed. In these places, lockers are indispensable. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the intelligence era, the safe and convenient intelligent electronic lock has gradually occupied the locker market in these places and become the most commonly used locks in these places.

Why can the induction electronic lock stand out among many locks? There are mainly the following reasons: first, compared with the key lock, the induction electronic lock is safer, and at the same time, users won’t be bothered by keys. Secondly, because places (e.g. gymnasiums) are humid and warm, locks with stronger waterproof and damp-proof functions are required. Induction electronic locks can be suitable for the humid and warm condition after upgrading. Thirdly, though the small locker lock is not very conspicuous, it is closely related to the quality of the locker and user experience. The induction electronic lock has beautiful appearance and can perfectly blend with the locker. This lock not only meets the current aesthetic but also brings a comfortable user experience. Therefore, the induction electronic lock is widely used.

The Locker Lock

And for operators, it is one of the important measures to enhance customer experience to purchase high-quality induction electronic locks with moisture resistance and heat resistance. Xiamen Make Security Technology Co., Ltd. has been based on the industry of industrial locks and commercial locks for more than ten years, and has always regarded "customer satisfaction" as its enterprise purpose, striving to make customers rest assured and buy the product, and use the product comfortably.

In terms of hardware configuration, MAKE induction electronic lock adopts radio frequency identification (RFID). When the card or bracelet is close to the induction zone, the RF cable immediately detects them within 10cm, and the radio signal identifies specified targets and reads and writes relevant data. Once the program is started, the buzzer and LED display lights will operate, and the unlocking step will be completed in one go. The sensor has quick and sensitive response and high identification precision, so there is no need to worry that it fails to recognize the object due to the environmental impact.

For design and user experience, MAKE induction electronic locks are also based on applied ergonomics, and have special handle design and a unique groove pattern on the surface of the locks, making it easier to lock and unlock the locker door. Even in cold winter, the door can be unlocked easily and quickly.

With respect to the application range, the working temperature of the induction electronic lock is between -15℃ and 65℃ so that the lock can stand high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter. The working humidity is between 5 percent and 95 percent and the water and dust resistance ratings are IP54. The lock is damp-proof, so that users can rest assured that the lock can be used in any environment.

MAKE has a great variety of induction electronic locks, which has high cost performance, direct sales from manufacturers and a perfect after-sales service guarantee system to make clients worry-free. At present, MAKE inductive electronic locks play a great role in various places for leisure and recreation, and are popular with users.