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What Are the Advantages of Tubular Locks?
Posted: 01/05/2022 06:22:42  Hits: 3
Tubular locks are one of the commonly used industrial locks, which is mainly used in various cabinets, intelligent terminals, electromechanical equipment, subway gates and other places, providing security for various devices. So what are the advantages of tubular locks? Let's take a look.
1. Safety
As we all know, for a cam lock, the lock structure determines its safety to a certain extent. The tubular lock consists of a lock core, round-headed pins, flat-headed pins, lock shells, bead seats, etc. The upper and lower rows of marbles of the tubular lock are annularly distributed. Because the lock core of the tubular lock changes by 7 beads or 10 beads in the same plane, the key quantity is large, and the anti-technical opening and anti-damage ability is strong, which can be used in fields with slightly higher security requirements, such as civil and industrial fields.
2. Convenient management
In some industrial application scenarios, in order to ensure the safety of equipment, the use of the cam lock is very large. How to manage these cam locks is a big challenge for managers. Because the tubular lock is equipped with the master key, it is very convenient in management. On the one hand, when the key of the tubular lock is lost, the master key can help open the equipment; On the other hand, when the equipment needs to be managed and maintained, it only needs to carry the master key, which not only reduces the work burden of managers but also improves the work efficiency.
3. Exquisite appearance, wear-resistance and durability
Tubular locks are mostly made of zinc alloy. After being treated with bright chrome and bright nickel, they have remarkable characteristics of wear resistance, rust prevention, corrosion prevention and moisture prevention, which are rich in metallic luster to prolong service life.
Tubular Locks
MAKE tubular locks are made of zinc alloy, copper, iron and stainless steel, whose surface is treated by special processes such as bright chrome and bright nickel, which is delicate and beautiful. Customers can choose whether to configure anti-drilling steel balls according to their needs. Anti-drilling steel balls can effectively prevent locks from being damaged.
MAKE tubular locks have a universal system, and different locks can be managed by managing keys. This lock is available in 7 pins or 10 pins, with more than 10,000 key teeth, which is higher than the configuration of similar locks in the industry. If you want to get more detailed information about tubular cam locks MK100B series, please continue to follow our news!