What Is an Express Cabinet Lock?

What Is an Express Cabinet Lock?
With the development of society, express cabinets have become a global trend. While express cabinets provide services for the public, people are inevitably curious about express cabinet locks. What is an express cabinet lock? How does the express cabinet lock provide services for everyone?
In express cabinets, electromagnetic locks are commonly used locks. Different from other cabinet locks, this kind of lock cannot be opened directly by password, RFID or fingerprint. It usually needs to be connected with the control panel and software to give commands through software to unlock.
In order to improve the security, convenience and stability of express cabinets, many express cabinet lock manufacturers have optimized their locks. Correspondingly, express cabinet locks made by Make are also continuously upgraded to meet the daily needs of express cabinets.
Express cabinet locks made by Make are made from Q235 stainless steel, which are not easy to rust and corrode. The surface is treated with blue and white zinc, and it has passed the rigorous salt spray test, which can play the role of waterproof and antirust, and is more durable in the outdoor environment.
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Strict quality and life testing is the key to improving the service life of express cabinet locks and ensuring the safe and stable operation of express cabinets. The service life of Make electromagnetic locks is as high as 50,000 times. After strict quality inspection, it can meet the needs of express cabinets. Even if it is opened and closed every day, it will not be easily broken.
Since each project has different requirements for locks, and the number of cabinets to be controlled varies from a few to hundreds or even thousands, many customers need to control as many locks as possible in one system. Electromagnetic locks made by Make can be adapted to the central control platform of various technologies, which is convenient for customers to maintain and manage the express cabinet lock. Keep the daily use log of the express cabinet lock, which is convenient for subsequent use and inquiries; at the same time, with the help of the central control platform, the express cabinet can be intelligently opened and closed through the user’s mobile phone, realizing unmanned self-service.
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In addition, the working voltage of the Make express cabinet lock is 12V or 24V, and the working current is between 0.8 and 3A. The internal electromagnet is not easy to heat up and burn out, and the performance is more stable. The lock adopts a hidden double-hole installation method. Even if it encounters high-intensity vibration, it will not easily cause the lock to fall, ensuring long-term and stable use.
After learning about Make electromagnetic locks, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of express cabinet locks. Make Security Technology will focus on providing customers with intelligent express cabinet system solutions.