Key Code Lock

Key Code Lock

What Is Key Code Lock?

A key code lock, whether mechanical or electronic, is a keyless push-button combination lock used on doors, cabinets, and lockers, ideal for securing confidential documents, hazardous materials, or controlling access to specific areas. Operating the locks is simple: program your 4-8 digit user code into the keypad, and then enter it to gain access to the area.

Different Types of Key Code Lock

China Key Code Lock Manufacturer: Key Code Locker locks which are made of ABS, Plastic, Zinc Alloy, etc.

1. Electronic Key Code Lock

Typically battery or mains powered, automatically release the lock upon correct code entry. This type of key code lock offers benefits like no key loss and the convenience of simply pushing the door open after inputting the correct code.

2. Mechanical Key Code Lock

more manual and require the users to twist the handle after entering the correct combination code on the pushbutton lock.

Advantages of Key Code Lock

1. Keyless Entry: Key code locks remove the necessity for physical keys, minimizing the risk of key loss or theft.
2. Convenience: Entering a code to unlock the lock provides a convenient and rapid way to access secured areas.
3. Customizable Codes: Users can usually customize their unique codes, enabling personalization and effortless code modifications when necessary.
4. Security: Key code locks offer enhanced security when codes remain confidential and are additionally resistant to lock picking.

The Key Code Lock Applications

Key code locks find common use in industrial, commercial, and domestic settings, including hospitals, schools, laboratories, offices, and warehouse.

Key code locks are a great option for people who want to control access to their house. These locks allow you to give out codes to your family and friends so they can come and go as they please. 


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