RFID lockWe provide you with a series of high-end RFID electronic locks, which can meet your various needs for security, flexibility, ease of use, data tracking, etc. The lock has a three-level management system and can help you improve the efficiency of daily management.

What is an RFID lock?

An RFID lock stands for a Radio Frequency Identification lock, which is a type of electronic lock that uses RFID technology for authentication and access control. RFID technology utilizes radio waves to transmit data wirelessly between an RFID reader and a passive RFID tag.
It consists of two main components:
● An RFID reader
● An RFID tag.
For an RFID lock, the mechanism of the lock is typically controlled by an electronic system which includes an RFID reader and a locking mechanism. The system is designed to grant access only to individuals who have authorized RFID tags or cards.

What is three-level management system?

The three-level management of locks refers to a hierarchical approach to access control and authorization within a lock system. It involves dividing the management of lock access into three levels, each with different levels of authority and permissions. These levels are typically referred to as the master level, sub-master level, and user level.

● Master Level

The master level is the highest level of authority and control in the lock management system. Individuals at this level have full administrative privileges and can perform tasks such as creating and deleting user accounts, assigning access rights, and managing overall system settings. They have complete control over the entire lock system and can access all areas without restrictions.

● Sub-Master Level

The sub-master level is the intermediate level between the master level and the user level. Individuals at this level have certain administrative rights but with limitations compared to the master level. They can manage specific groups or subsets of users, assign limited access rights, and have more control over specific areas or sections within the lock system. However, they do not have the same level of authority as the master level.

● User Level

The user level is the lowest level in the lock management hierarchy. Users at this level have limited administrative control and mostly have access for their own needs. They can be assigned specific access permissions, such as accessing designated areas or using certain functions of the lock system. Users generally do not have the ability to modify or manage other user accounts or system settings.

What are the applications of RFID lock?


1. Access Control Systems

● Office Buildings
RFID locks are commonly used to control access to office spaces, meeting rooms, and restricted areas.
● Residential Buildings
They provide secure entry to apartment complexes and condominiums.
● Educational Institutions
RFID locks secure entry to classrooms, labs, dormitories, and administrative offices.
● Hospitals
RFID locks control access to patient rooms, supply rooms, and sensitive medical areas.
● Government Facilities
They secure government offices, military installations, and research centers.

2.Industrial and Manufacturing

● Factories
RFID locks secure entry to production areas and sensitive machinery.
● Research and Development Facilities
They control access to labs and research equipment.


● Airports
RFID locks secure airport facilities, maintenance areas, and baggage handling areas.
● Train Stations
They control access to secure areas and equipment.

4.Residential Use

● Homes
RFID locks are used for front doors, garages, and gates, providing keyless entry for homeowners.
● Vacation Homes
Property owners use RFID locks for vacation properties.

5. Government and Defense

● Military Bases
RFID locks secure sensitive military areas and equipment storage.
● Government Offices
They control access to secure government facilities.
The versatility, convenience, and enhanced security provided by RFID technology make it a valuable solution for numerous industries and environments.
MAKE offers a complete solution of various RFID lock sizes and functions to meet your needs.For further information on this product, please kindly contact us. We are committed to being your trusted source for high security lock products.



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