How can MAKE patented M4 locks greatly exceed users' expectations?

How can MAKE patented M4 locks greatly exceed users' expectations?

Ⅰ Project background

Z is a modern high-tech enterprise deeply engaged in the field of payment modules in China. At present, it has a relatively complete product line in the payment module.

The card reader, card printing module and ID card reading and writing module independently developed by the company are flexibly applied to the intelligent self-service terminal products of many customers around the world and are widely used in various fields such as finance, electric power, transportation, medical treatment, government affairs and so on.

The new cash box project launched by Z Company in 2022 not only has high-security requirements for locks but also required that the small-size locks can not be opened by one key. After comparing the domestic industrial lock market, Z company has always been unable to find suppliers that meet the expectations.

Ⅱ Project challenges

01 It is difficult to realize that the locks can not be opened by one key.

In the domestic industrial lock supply market, it is even more difficult to find small-size locks that can be adapted to the cash box. What's more, it's hard to realize that locks can not be opened by one key.

02 Efficient response to key loss

A device usually needs to be equipped with more than a dozen locks. Once the key is lost, it will cause great difficulties to promote our work, so it is very necessary to deal with the key loss efficiently.

Ⅲ Solutions

M4 Lock
  • M4:High security lock with 46000 key combination
MAKE obtained the M4 lock patent in 2020. At the initial stage of research and development, due to the 12mm mini size, MAKE spent a lot of energy and investment on the problem of the number of key combinations, breaking through the conventional less than 500 groups of the key combination of small-size locks in the market, and finally obtain the number of 46000 groups of a key combination.

With the increase in the number of key combinations, the safety performance of M4 is continuously improved. Z company's new cash box project has high requirements for the safety of locks, and MAKE M4 has greatly exceeded the customer's expectations in terms of safety.
  • Easy management with the master key
The key management of traditional locks inevitably needs to face the problem of key loss. The product particularity of the cash box brings users higher lock replacement costs in the case of key loss.

MAKE patented lock M4 is equipped with a master key system to deal with the embarrassment of key loss. Even if the key is lost and can not be retrieved, it can be unlocked easily by using the master key. There is no pressure to promote the work and help customers solve management problems smoothly.

Ⅳ Result

"I trust MAKE not only because we are business partners, but also because MAKE can always bring me unexpected surprises." — Project Manager of the cash box of company Z said.

Focusing on product function and quality, as an industrial lock manufacturer, MAKE hopes to be recognized by its partners through the performance of the product itself.

At the same time, continuously improving the service quality and achieving win-win with customers, is also a required course for MAKE.