Combination Locker Lock MK707
Combination Locker Lock MK707
Short Description
 Model No.: MK707    Hits: 4267
China Combination Locker Lock OEM Manufacturer: Digit Combination Locker Locks, Key Operated & Combination Available, Master Key Control, Zinc Alloy.

Key Specifications / Features

Name: MK707 Combination Locker Lock

• Material: zinc alloy, plastic. 
• Finished: powder coating. 
• Key combination: 4 digit code combination lock with master key. 

1. Keyless convenience. 
2. User to set their own number codes easily. 
3. Master key control.  
4. Key operated and combination available. 
5. Retrievable the combination by tool when forget password. 

Locker, ABS cabinet, metal cabinet, boxes, storage etc.

1. Lock Open - Dial-in 4-digit code - Turn knob to OPEN position. 
2. Code Set - Turn knob to OPEN position - Dial-in any 4-digit code and remember the sequence - Turn knob to CLOSE position - Clear the 4-digit code. 
3. Pin Search - Open the lock with key master - Turn knob to CLOSE position after opening - Insert the search pin to the pin hole behind the lock and hold it - Turn the number dial until it stop. 

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