Combination Lock

Combination Lock by China Locker Lock Maker, more than 10,000 Key Combinations with Master Key.

1. Resettable function.
2. Master key for emergency unlocking.
3. Lock core can be removed if the master key is lost.
4. Retrieve the combination by master key when forgetting the password.
5. Suitable for various door thicknesses from 0.6 to 20 mm (metal, wood, glass, plastic...).

Applications: Locker, ABS cabinet, storage, etc.

The four-digit combination lock is a mechanical combination lock. The password is composed of four digits. It is mainly used for lockers in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, railway stations, swimming pools, baths, and clubs, and is suitable for various materials - plastic/metal/aluminum alloy, etc.

Make' four-digit combination lock is made of zinc alloy material with various surface treatments. It is equipped with a master key system. 

The lock has a "resettable function". When unlocking or closing, the dials will all return to the "0" position to prevent the password from being leaked.

It also has the function of "key to find the password". When the password is forgotten, the master key and the password probe can be used to unlock and retrieve the password, which is convenient for management and users.

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