4 digit Combination Lock

What Is 4 Digit Combination Lock?

The 4 digit combination lock is a mechanical combination lock. The password is composed of four digits. It is mainly used for lockers in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, railway stations, swimming pools, baths, and clubs, and is suitable for various materials - plastic/metal/aluminum alloy, etc.

How Does a 4-Digit Combination Lock Work?

Four-digit combination locks, simple yet effective and more secure than their three-digit counterparts, feature individual wheels for each number. When you turn the dial, it rotates the drive cam via a spindle connected to each wheel. This drive cam is linked to a drive pin that engages with a small tab on the wheel fly next to each wheel, and you'll find wheel flies on both sides of every wheel. When the correct combination is dialed, the drive pin aligns all the notches on the wheels along the spindle, ultimately unlocking the lock.

Advantages of a 4 Digit Combination Lock

Convenience: The combination lock is keyless, making it convenient without the need for an extra key or the concern of losing one. Entering a combination is also quicker than using a key.
Security: A 4-digit combination lock provides high security, allowing users to create a memorable yet challenging combination. It's tamper-resistant, preventing unauthorized access.
Customization: Many 4-digit combination locks have a factory default combination that users can customize to create a unique, memorable code.
Durability: Combination locks are durable, designed to endure heavy use and years of wear.

Features of MAKE's 4 Digit Combination Lock

1. Make's four-digit combination lock is made of zinc alloy material with various surface treatments. It is equipped with a master key system.
2. The lock has a "resettable function". When unlocking or closing, the dials will all return to the "0" position to prevent the password from being leaked.
3. It also has the function of "key to find the password". When the password is forgotten, the master key and the password probe can be used to unlock and retrieve the password, which is convenient for management and users.
4. Assuming four-digit with digits 0–9, There are 10,000 combinations from 0000 to 9999.

Applications: schools, hospitals, factories, offices, airports, railway stations, swimming pools, baths, and clubs and more. 

How to Set the Lock?

To set a combination lock, begin by placing the dial at 0. If you have the reset tool that came with the lock, use it; however, note that not all locks, particularly bike locks, include this tool. If you lack the reset tool, you may request one from the lock manufacturer. With the reset tool in hand, insert it into the hole on the lock chamber's side and turn it 90 degrees in either direction. Then, select your preferred combination, ideally something personally memorable yet not easily guessed, like a birthday. Remove the reset tool, and your lock is all set.

If the Lock Doesn't Work

A reliable combination lock offers security for your belongings, but it can be frustrating when it won't open.

If you forget a bike lock or padlock combination, you can reset it. Pull the shackle until the wheels turn, moving through all the wheels patiently until you reach the combination.
If your lock has a serial number, visit the manufacturer's website to print a lost combination form. After notarizing it, mail it to the manufacturer, which may take several weeks. Alternatively, consider contacting the lock distributor or retailer where you purchased the lock, though some may charge a fee for this service.
A 4-digit combination lock is a popular and convenient choice for securing personal belongings in communal areas. They are user-friendly, offer strong security features, and come in various styles and designs. Explore our versatile 4-digit combination lock to safeguard your belongings and those of your staff, providing a sense of security.


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