The "classic" secret of RFID electronic lock

The "classic" secret of RFID electronic lock

With the development of social economy, the safety and intelligence of home have been paid more and more attention. The most important ones are the locks on all kinds of furniture. For smart home, RFID electronic locks may be the first security threshold in home security systems. The invention of RFID electronic lock has subverted the use of the traditional locks, which not only brought convenience to the user, but also upgraded the safety of the lock. It can be said that the lock industry has made a qualitative leap.

Some people think that the imaginary product functions and modelings most will be reduced to "chicken ribs". Only products that truly meet the user's demands and solve problems will be widely accepted and used for a long time, such product features are called "classic". Then, from the debut of the RFID electronic lock to the present, in just a few decades, the status is so stable and can stand still, where is its classic?

After all, most people are not product developers, knowing a little about RFID electronic locks. The lock is a comprehensive safety type lock that integrates the card unlocking and the anti-theft alarm design. The general standard RFID lock has the features of complete functions, simple installation, exquisite design and easy maintenance. The inside of the RFID lock is designed with an inductor. The coil in the inductor is always in a state of constant oscillation, which is equivalent to the primary coil of the transformer. At the same time, there is also a coil in the induction card, which is equivalent to the secondary coil of the transformer. When the coils are close, the coupling generates a current, which supplies power to the card, coupling the interrogation signal, the card response signal, and the signals match each other to immediately unlock.

Each detail design of the RFID electronic lock has its special purpose, not just for the sake of beauty. Make Security Technology's upgraded version of the card lock MK732 uses a zinc alloy metal casing, silk screen PC panel, side grip design. It is an RFID induction electronic lock. The MK732 uses a three-level management system that uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology(RFID). When the card is close to the induction area, the RF line immediately senses and detects objects in the 10cm range. The radio signal identifies a specific target and reads related data. Once the program is started, the buzzer and the LED display light act accordingly, and the series of actions that are unlocked are completed in one go. In addition, the buzzer has a special quiet design, although the sound is weak but not crisp. Because MK732 is used a wide range of places and objects, and the needs of users are different, in addition to meeting the basic needs, MK732 can also be customized according to users needs. In addition, when the card is accidentally demagnetized or damaged, the emergency key can be used to open the lock and there is the emergency lock cylinder can be replaced.

It is precisely because people are constantly pursuing high-tech products and forced by large and small security risks, this way of RFID induction unlocking is not only popularized and popular in schools, hospitals, offices and swimming pools, but also becomes the classic in the lock industry. In addition, with the security, convenience and interactivity of RFID induction lock, many people said that "they can't live without it after using once"