Electronic Latchbolt Keypad Lock MK731

Electronic Latchbolt Keypad Lock MK731

Electronic Latchbolt Keypad Lock MK731 Push Button Code Lock from Locker Cabinet, Door Lock Factory, Zinc alloy, Slim 10MM Profile, Vertical, Horizontal Lock Body.

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Technical data
Type: Electronic Keypad Lock
Material: Zinc alloy
Finished: Satin chrome or power coating
Power supply: Standard CR2450
Function length (X): 20.5mm, 30.5mm
Version: Horizontal
Color: Black, Silver, White

● Keypad operation: More durable and easier operation.
● All-metal housing: Durable with 10mm lock housing.
● Horizontal version: Suitable for left and right door use.
● Three-level management: Master, Sub-master, User.
● Public and Private mode: The same lock can switch between public mode and private mode freely.
● Master key: Emergency unlocking.
● IP65 rating: High-level resistance to water, humidity and dust.
● Low battery warning: Low battery indicator.
● Anti-microbial: Optional with anti-microbial (Escherichia coil and Staphylococcus aureus) up to 97%.
● Door thickness available: Various door thicknesses
from 0.6mm to 20mm (metal, wood, glass, plastic...).

Mounting dimensions

Mounting Dimensions

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