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  • China, Korea and Germany Lead the Development of Locks
    Posted: 03/27/2015 09:22:46  Hits: 1106
    Today, electronic card lock and fingerprint lock have become the most widely used two locks in high-tech places. According to statistics, China's high-tech locks market is now growing at an annual rate of more than 20%, and has a splendid future. According to archaeological discoveries, as early...
  • Micro-enterprises & Immature Hardware Industry in China
    Posted: 02/14/2015 04:38:44  Hits: 1125
    Hardware industry in China is still in the low-end, and industrial chain is also immature. One of the biggest characteristic is numerous small micro enterprises, which can bring full market competition, but the severe phenomenon of homogeneity still hindered the development of industry. At present d...